Pollinating Success for Exempt Entrepreneurs

"EEF-501c™" is a small public Foundation that leads a growing network of new national Economic Development, Financial Services, Communication, Market Exchange, & Workforce Training charities. These gap-fillers were established by "501c BizIncCncl™," its LLC parent & incubator for the exempt business concern.

Economic Empowerment Foundation for Exempt Startups & Small Businesses (EEF-501c)™ is the small national Public Foundation of its incubator & parent LLC, 501c Business Incubator Council™.

The Foundation began as a fiscal sponsors & job training charity which continues to be its main focus and service area. 2024 marks the anniversary of its formal transition for volunteer work into a formalized charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes as Public Charitable Foundation.

EEF-501c™ and 501c BizIncCncl™ have been elevating its other program & services offerings into a collaborative of Economic Development & Workforce Training Charities that serves 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs & Tax Exempt Small Businesses.

Its operated by Volunteer Executives supported by Individual and Student Interns whose service is invaluable.

To learn more about our efforts, bit our current and legacy sites thru the links above.

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